Mini Digger Hire

The Allotments Committee was asked in 2015 by several plot holders if they could have a mini digger and driver in to dig over their plots.

2017 : there are no plans to organise a communal digger hire at the moment.

We have produced some guidelines for anyone wishing to bring a digger on-site which you can find in the About/Allotment Rules section.  If there is enough interest we can put interested plot-holders in touch by using the form below.


Treescapes Digger Hire, Cove : seen here excavating below the topsoil : 12th August 2015

The Parish Council has insurance that covers them for damage or injuries caused by the Parish Council. There is no insurance policy in place for plot holders on the allotments site and we all use the site at our own risk. It is imperative that Public Liability Insurance is in place if you want to bring machinery on site. A reputable contractor should have this and you should ask to see their insurance certificate.

May 2015 dig report

We hired a professional digger driver (with full liability insurance) who has completed a trial day of this work at a rate £280 excluding VAT per day. The first day of the digger hire did not go entirely as anticipated. The results were very good indeed but getting there was much more difficult than anyone had thought. The day was wet but didn’t affect progress, it was just unpleasant out there. The original estimate from the digger company of digging 5 plots per day was a mistake.

The dig progressed to a depth that brought up and mixed in some of the clay sub-strata. Once we hit the compacted stone and sand bed, it was decided not to excavate any lower. The transformation of the plots dug on day one was striking. After levelling and some surface raking, it was “easy” to work the bed. What a contrast as you sank your spade deep into the soil! By home-time 282 sq/m had been completed at a cost of roughly £1.03 per square metre.

August 2015 dig

We have engaged a local firm for the next round of allotment digging. We expect the shared costs to remain about the same. Best guess estimates for a plot dig using the new contractor are now as follows (05/07/2015) : Based on the assumption that enough plots are dug to fill a whole working day. Thank you to Simon (plot 24) who is organising this round.

Standard plot circa £129.00
Small plot circa £63.00
Starter plot circa £42.00

Book a Provisional Digger Slot

If you would like to sign up for this collaborative hire, please supply details in the form below. We will treat all details confidentially. An Email receipt will be sent on successful completion of the form below. If you do not hear from us, please contact a committee member.

Chris Davison (Committee member)

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