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aldershot Aldershot and District Allotments
The Association currently owns 2.4 ha of land at one allotment site. The site is privately owned (by the members) and is managed by a team of volunteers.

hook_allot The Hook Allotment Association
The Hook Allotment Association has been formed to manage and provide allotments for the residents of Hook, Hampshire, UK.Our site opened on 13th March 2011 and we have around 150 plots.

farnham_allots Farnham Allotments
This website is maintained by members of the Farnham Allotments liaison group in conjunction, officially, with the town council. This website is a forum for discussion on both the upkeep and running of our allotments and a place where fellow allotment holders can discuss their gardening passion and the fruits of their labour (quite literally).

hart_allot Hart Allotments
We are based in the Hart District and are committed to making allotments available for the people in areas of Hart where allotments have not been available. A lively website with lots of links and visual evidence of what can be achieved in a very short time.

allotmentandgarden Allotment & Gardens Magazine
Online magazine – for allotment holders, vegetable growers and gardeners. An award winning website full of advice.

thompson and morgan Thompson & Morgan
So you’re now the proud tenant of your new plot. You look, you scratch your head, you stand and survey. The fact of the matter is, there is only one way to get a plot up and running and that’s hard work. Help and advice + online catalogue.

marshalls Marshalls Seeds
Seeds, plants, advice – by the barrowload.
Marshalls take great care to ensure that everything you receive is of the highest quality. Here at Marshalls we always try to give our customers the best varieties of vegetables and fruit. Attention to detail carries right through every aspect of our business – from product quality, customer service to final delivery.

national allotment society The National Allotment Society
The National Allotment Society (NSALG) is the leading national organisation upholding the interests and rights of the allotment community across the UK. We work with government at national and local levels, other organisations and landlords to provide, promote and preserve allotments for all. We offer support, guidance and advice to our members and those with an interest in allotment gardening.

rhs The Royal Horticultural Society
The RHS was founded in 1804, and our core objective is to be the world’s leading gardening charity by inspiring passion and excellence in the science, art and practice of horticulture. In everything we do, we will aim to use our guiding principles, which are to inspire, involve, inform and improve. The RHS ‘Allotments‘ section is one of the best places to start if you are new to allotmenting…

potat Seed Potatoes from Higgins
Potatoes are one of the most versatile and tasty food sources, providing a tremendous source of Vitamin D, Potassium, fibre and are a great part of a balanced diet.